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2017 - 10-th Anniversary of Ferry Broker Group

Forwarding within Port of St. Petersburg

Within the frames of cooperation with

• Port of St. Petersburg
• ferry lines
• shipping companies
• stevedore companies and other organizations,

We render services for providing intraport forwarding of goods (at all the areas of Port of St. Petersburg) which include:

• advising customer of the date of actual delivery of goods
• obtaining indicial documents from a ferry line (bill of lading, master’s correspondence, order, release)
• arrangement of cargo handling operations, transshipment (unstuffing) of goods at the port area and supervision for performance of the above works
• providing assistance during customs clearance, inspection and preliminary inspection of goods
• survey
• arranging for home customs transit (HCT), international customs transit (ICT) including Carnet ATA and Carnet TIR
• final processing of documents (lifting bans and blocks of customs authorities and port services)
• providing permission for customer’s transport means to drive to the port area
• obtaining permission for taking goods from short-term storage (STS) and carrying them out of the port area.