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Russian Federation, 190020


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2017 - 10-th Anniversary of Ferry Broker Group

International Haulers

We have our own truck park. Also being an official agent of a number of European and Russian haulers we provide the following services:

• delivery by using ferry lines
• delivery by motor transport through Baltic States, Finland, Byelorussia by CMR in TIR CARNET mode
• separate lots within unitized goods
• unitized goods over Europe
• dangerous goods
• goods requiring special temperature conditions

assistance with customs clearance in EU countries.

We work in close cooperation with haulers on a constant basis, therefore we guarantee fulfillment of our obligations in full scale.

You will find advantages in our:
• quality service
• responsibility for goods
• monitoring of cargo progress in transit
• individual approach to any inquiry
• competitive rates.

We carefully chose an optimum route from the point of time consumption and financial benefit by combining methods of transport involving different modes and special equipment at any stage of carriage.